Mekiah in the Newspaper

Mekiah spent the day with his Auntie Crystalyn, and they made sandwhiches and took them to the volunteers at the Rockwood Weed & Seed Community Clean-Up. Here Mekiah is in the Gresham Outlook with the volunteers, along with his cousins Eliyana and Lynneah, and Auntie Crystalyn. mekiah in paper.bmp Volunteers helped gather 71/2 tons of garbage at the recent Rockwood Weed & Seed Community Clean-Up. Volunteers pictured, front row from left to right, Bevin Smith, Natalie Mitchell, Chris Esquivel, Lynneah Tadano, Mekiah Smith, Gary Tribbett and Brenda Butler; back row from left to right Milan Homola, Linda Tribbett, Crystalyn Tadano, Mikaela Esquivel, Eliyana Tadano, Aimie Zdrantan, Glenn Maia and Josh Borders.

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