Month: May 2008

Mekiah’s Friend

Here is Mekiah and his next door neighbor friend, Elijah. They fight and argue but love to play together. IMG_2522 (Medium).jpg
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Preschool Graduation

Mekiah is done with Preschool and will start Kindergarten next school year. Here he is with his diploma and his teachers, Mrs Allen and Mrs Carr. IMG_2540 (Medium).jpg
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Peachy Pig Farm

Mekiah's preschool went on a field trip to the Peachy Pig Farm. Feeding the horses. IMG_2565 (Medium).jpg A cute little kitten. IMG_2578 (Medium).jpg Feeding the chickens. IMG_2576 (Medium).jpg What?! There is a chicken on my head?? IMG_2581 (Medium).jpg Now what? IMG_2583 (Medium).jpg Holding a cute baby bunny. IMG_2588 (Medium).jpg The class and helpers. IMG_2594 (Medium).jpg
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