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This is what you get when your kid knows the password to your phone and tells Siri what you call me. 


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April Fools Prank on Mekiah

Pulled an April Fool's prank on Mekiah by taking the filling out of some Oreos and replacing with toothpaste.  First I ate one without the toothpaste to set the stage.  Then Mekiah took one.  Mekiah: "mmmmm... minty!". Me: choking from laughter on my Oreo, I had to turn away to keep the prank going. Mekiah: now with a half eaten Oreo, "mmmmm... these are really good!".  Me: not able to hold on any long I start laughing hysterically and have to sit down. Then I tell Mekiah what he is eating and he is not too happy with me, as expected, and throws the rest of the cookie at me.  Wish I would have gotten that on video!
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Nice Hat

Mekiah's volcabulary is growing every day. The other morning when we dropped Jim off at the MAX train station, (he rides the train to work) it was raining. When Jim got out of the car he put up his hood on his jacket. Mekiah saw him do this and said, "Oh, nice hat daddy". It made me laugh.
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The Two’s

Mekiah has been acting like a true two year old. We have had many tantrums in the store, but they are short lived. Now the real parenting begins!!! We have a time out stool, and use it on a daily basis. But, Mekiah is a sweet boy and is always on the go. He loves the back yard and will spend an hour looking for bugs. He loves to find ants and to hold them. He cries when he loses them or he smashes them. "My buggy!!", ""Oh buggy, where are you??" He says through tears as he is searching everywhere. Mekiah certainly keeps us laughing. What a boy!
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Smoothie Lover

Mekiah has discovered smoothies and he loves them. Daddy was sharing his and making quite a mess getting the last drop out.


As you can see, Mekiah really likes orange smoothies! Notice the mustache.....


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