Month: February 2004

Mekiah’s Tricks

Here is a list of all the new "tricks" Mekiah can do. He is a very smart boy!
  • Shake his head "No"
  • Play Peek-a-boo
  • Click his tongue
  • Do the sign for "cold" (he thinks this one is very funny and he will do it to make you laugh)
  • Clap
  • Wave bye-bye
  • Bang his head on the command of "Boing"
  • Find his ball when we sign "ball" to him. (We do not have to say the word "ball" at all.
  • He can do an indian noise with his hand on and off his mouth.
  • He can say "Hot" when prompted. (This is his favorite word and he says it all the time)
  • Says "Up"
  • Crawling with his head on the floor. (he just started doing this one and it is quite funny)
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Sleeping through the night!

Mekiah is finally sleeping through the night. I was getting so tired of getting up 3-8 times a night to lay him down and give him his pluggy. So, after two nights of Jim and I spending the night on the couch and letting Mekiah cry it out, I think he finally got it. We hung up a curtain by his bed so that he can not see us in our bed and I think that helps. It would be nice to have Mekiah in his own room but that is not really an option. Our other bedroom has three desks and two computers in it for our home business. Last night Mekiah slept for 10 hours and never made a noise. Praise the Lord!!!!
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Smoothie Lover

Mekiah has discovered smoothies and he loves them. Daddy was sharing his and making quite a mess getting the last drop out.


As you can see, Mekiah really likes orange smoothies! Notice the mustache.....


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New Words

Mekiah said his first word last week. It was "up", or "pup" as he says it. Two days ago he learned his second word which is "hot". He says this one very clearly. He learned "hot" from touching our hot baseboard heater. He does not touch it any more. Mekiah also knows the sign for ball. He can not do it himself yet, but if you show him the sign, he will find his ball and get it. Our next sign that we are working on is "cracker". Mekiah has taken several steps now too. He has taken two steps on his own and with prompting, he has taken six. I think he will be walking within the nest couple of weeks.
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Sunny Day

Today was very sunny so Mekiah and I went out to the playground to play and soak up the sunshine. Mekiah thought it was great!


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