Month: January 2012

Mekiah’s LCS Book Report on Magic Tree House #40

Title: Magic Tree House, Eve of the Emperor Penguin
Author: Mary Pope Osborne

This book is about Jack and Annie who go in a magic tree house through time and space. They are going on their 40th adventure to find the 4th secret of happiness for a magician named Merlin who was very sad. To find it, Jack and Annie go to Antarctica. They go to the cave of the ancient crown where they find the 4th secret of happiness. Along the way, they rode on a bus and in a plane. This secret was given to them by the Emperor Penguin which was an orphan penguin named Penny. When Jack and Annie gave the baby penguin to Merlin, it made him very, very happy.

I liked this book because it was fun to read and involved magic and traveling to different worlds. My favorite part was when Jack and Annie were on a hill and the hill cracked open. They fell in the crack, but they landed on the edge of it.  They used a magic wand and wished that they would be saved.  Then they fell in and landed on an ice berg.  The ice berg took them to the cave of the ancient crown.  This is where they found the fourth secret of happiness.

Magic Tree House website

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Mary Pope Osborne

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