So long 5th Grade

From Mekiah's 5th grade teacher, Irene:
Hello and happy summer vacation! 
I have been so blessed by your students this year! While I am excited for a nice long break I am going to miss them a ton! I'm attaching a few of the class pictures that I have from the year so that you can have the digital copies.
Rock Pile (Large) Guest Speaker (Large) Fall (Large) Washington Park (Large) Snow (Large)
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Book report project

image Complete with LED flashlight in the guys hand and a switch behind him.
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Prince fuzzy balls

image It was spirit week at school. Today was prince or princess day. Mekiah decided to go as "prince fuzzy balls". He was wearing a sash made of balls made of real rabbit fur. Hence the name. He was the self proclaimed prince fuzzy balls.
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