Month: June 2004

First Bike Ride

We recently purchased a child's seat to go on the back of our tandem bike. So, the three of us went for a bike ride. Mekiah really seemed to enjoy it, all except for the helmet. He doesn't like having his helmet on. DCP_4394.JPG
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Mekiah in a Tux!

Mekiah is going to be the ring bearer in our friends' wedding (Jessica and Brian). Doesn't he look handsome?


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Underwater Mekiah *In Color*

We recently went on vacation to a resort in Birch Bay. Before the trip, I purchased an underwater camera to get some pictures of Mekiah in the pool. We took 27 pictures... some of them turned out much clearer, but these are the best because he is smiling under the water. I think he is smiling because he sees me under the water taking his picture. I also bought a pair of goggles so that I could take the pictures, and it was so funny seeing him under the water, smiling at me 🙂




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The Boys

Here is a cute picture of Mekiah and Daddy. How sweet!


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