At the Park

Mekiah loves going to the park. Climbing the ladders and going down the tunnel slide are his favorite things to do.

100_0597 (Small).JPG

100_0598 (Small).JPG

100_0603 (Small).JPG

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First Trip to the Oregon Zoo

Mekiah went on his first trip to the Oregon Zoo. We went with some friends from church. Mekiah loved all the animals. He really liked the underwater aquariums and the monkeys. DCP_5023 2-11-05.JPG

DCP_5026 2-11-05.JPG

DCP_5021 2-11-05.JPG

Hunter, Lindsay and Mekiah DCP_5040 2-11-05.JPG

DCP_5041 2-11-05.JPG

Mekiah was not too sure about the goats. DCP_5034 2-11-05.JPG

DCP_5044 2-11-05.JPG

This is a monkey sitting on top of a pole. He was up very high, but the picture turned out a bit dark, so it is hard to see. DCP_5048 2-11-05.JPG

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Sunny Day

Today was very sunny so Mekiah and I went out to the playground to play and soak up the sunshine. Mekiah thought it was great!


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The Cutest Kid

DCP_3680.JPG Is it just me? Or is Mekiah just the cutest kid you have ever seen! I guess that every parent thinks that their child is the cutest, but I think ours just might really be. Mekiah is working on tooth number four and has been practicing standing without holding on to anything. His newest thing now is climbing. He loves to climb over his toys and over his mommy and over the legs of the chairs. He is getting so big! He has a birthday coming up soon!
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