Month: September 2005

Bubble Head

He loves to takes baths!! 100_0616 (Small).JPG
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Nice Hat

Mekiah's volcabulary is growing every day. The other morning when we dropped Jim off at the MAX train station, (he rides the train to work) it was raining. When Jim got out of the car he put up his hood on his jacket. Mekiah saw him do this and said, "Oh, nice hat daddy". It made me laugh.
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At the Park

Mekiah loves going to the park. Climbing the ladders and going down the tunnel slide are his favorite things to do.

100_0597 (Small).JPG

100_0598 (Small).JPG

100_0603 (Small).JPG

100_0610 (Small).JPG

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Preschool Swim Class

Mekiah has graduated to the preschool swim class now. No more mommys in the water anymore. He did not seem to mind and had a great time as usual. There are four kids in his class and one teacher. We parent's sit at the side and holler at the teacher if our child needs help and she is pre-occupied. A little nerve racking, but it went fine. Our little boy is growing up.....

Mekiah is the one on the left. DSC_0030 (Small).jpg

Having usual. DSC_0032 (Small).jpg DSC_0036 (Small).jpg

Mekiah is not supposed to jump off the stairs. We caught him in the act!! DSC_0049 (Small).jpg

Mekiah and his teacher, Debbie. He is learning how to use the kick board here. DSC_0085 (Small).jpg

DSC_0096 (Small).jpg DSC_0087 (Small).jpg

This is Mekiah's little friend, Oona. Her daddy took all these great pictures. She is so cute! DSC_0109_001 (Small).jpg

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