Month: July 2006

Mekiah in the Newspaper

Mekiah spent the day with his Auntie Crystalyn, and they made sandwhiches and took them to the volunteers at the Rockwood Weed & Seed Community Clean-Up. Here Mekiah is in the Gresham Outlook with the volunteers, along with his cousins Eliyana and Lynneah, and Auntie Crystalyn. mekiah in paper.bmp Volunteers helped gather 71/2 tons of garbage at the recent Rockwood Weed & Seed Community Clean-Up. Volunteers pictured, front row from left to right, Bevin Smith, Natalie Mitchell, Chris Esquivel, Lynneah Tadano, Mekiah Smith, Gary Tribbett and Brenda Butler; back row from left to right Milan Homola, Linda Tribbett, Crystalyn Tadano, Mikaela Esquivel, Eliyana Tadano, Aimie Zdrantan, Glenn Maia and Josh Borders.
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First Fishing Trip

Riding a fish at the fish hatchery. 100_2053 (Small).jpg

Waiting while daddy gets the fishing pole ready. 100_2055 (Small).jpg

Learning how to fish. 100_2057 (Small).jpg

Waiting for a fish to bite. 100_2059 (Small).jpg

Reeling in the big one. 100_2062 (Small).jpg

The catch. 100_2072 (Small).jpg

Just being cute! 100_2075 (Small).jpg

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Happy 4th of July

Mekiah and Lizzy both loves the 4th of July. Lizzy got so excited about the fireworks and barked at them. (Aren't dogs supposed to be afraid the fireworks?) 100_2125 (Small).jpg 100_2132 (Small).jpg
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Catching Bees

Mekiah loves bugs, and always is catching bugs to put in his bug cage. We even take bugs grocery shopping with us. Here he caught 7 bees in his cage. He only got stung once and after he got done crying about the sting, he went back to catching more bees.

100_2120 (Small) (2).jpg

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First camping trip

Here is Mekiah stirring up the fire. 100_2089 (Small).jpg

Roasting a marshmellow with Daddy. 100_2092 (Small).jpg

So strong! 100_2095 (Small).jpg

Still waking up in the morning. 100_2115 (Small).jpg

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