Rasberry pi

Mekiah is really into programming his Rasberry pi.
Mekiah rasberry pi
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Japan 2016 – Mekiah’s 13 Trip

When each of our kids turn 13, they have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world on a father/son or mother/daughter trip, as long as it is educational. Kind of a "coming of age", and becoming a young adult, trip. Mekiah is very much into new technology, and so he chose Tokyo. It was the perfect opportunity for both of us to geek out and have a great experience. We were there for 5 days. Here is Mekiah with the Present of Matrix Software, Yasuhiro Ohori. You may have heard of a little game series called Final Fantasy? Yep, his multi-million dollar company makes the Final Fantasy games, among many other popular games. Incredible opportunity for Mekiah. He spent 4 hours with us. We asked him all sorts of questions about how they create games. We got to tour their company (of about 100 employees), and he took us out to an incredible dinner afterwards. This guy's a big deal in Japan. Not very many people or companies make it to Wikipedia status--but him and his company has. 12513738_10208081075857793_8347278667145992348_o (1)
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