You Kinka!

Mekiah is becoming quite the little copy-cat. Daddy has a habit of patting him on the bottom, and saying "you little stinker...". Now Mekiah has decided to do that, but his version is to run up to you and hit you, and then say "You Kinka!". So, you see, Momma and Dadda have to really start watching what they do and say around our little Kinka. On the same note, he has also started recently saying "oh maaaaan". All day long, every thing is "oh maaaan,.... oh maaaaaaan". And, the other day, he put on some new shoes, and he says "Oh Cool...!" He also likes to sing "Head and shoulders knees and toes", as well as "Where is thumbkin", and the "ABC" song. He doesn't get all the words, but he really does good. He is becoming quite the talker.

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