April Fools Prank on Mekiah

Pulled an April Fool's prank on Mekiah by taking the filling out of some Oreos and replacing with toothpaste.  First I ate one without the toothpaste to set the stage.  Then Mekiah took one.  Mekiah: "mmmmm... minty!". Me: choking from laughter on my Oreo, I had to turn away to keep the prank going. Mekiah: now with a half eaten Oreo, "mmmmm... these are really good!".  Me: not able to hold on any long I start laughing hysterically and have to sit down. Then I tell Mekiah what he is eating and he is not too happy with me, as expected, and throws the rest of the cookie at me.  Wish I would have gotten that on video!

Posted by Breanne

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