Mekiah’s 4th Birthday

Mekiah had his birthday party at an indoor bouncy house party place called Pump It Up. It was so much fun!!

Blowing out his candles. IMG_0287 (Small).JPG

SItting in the birthday throne. IMG_0280 (Small).JPG

Eating Pizza. IMG_0273 (Small).JPG

Mekiah and his friend, Noble. IMG_0290 (Small).JPG

Mekiah got some crickets. IMG_0296 (Small).JPG

Mekiah's friend Noble, caught him a frog for his birthday. IMG_0311 (Small).JPG

The new frog, Ribbit. IMG_0322 (Small).JPG

In the bouncy room.IMG_0167 (Small).JPG IMG_0169 (Small).JPG IMG_0217 (Small).JPG IMG_0249 (Small).JPG

The Party group IMG_0272 (Small).JPG

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