Daddy got in trouble

Mekiah is very observant and likes to make sure that everyone follows the rules. Here is a funny story of something he said the other day. I was getting him ready for bed and we were cleaning up his room before we got his PJs on. I was telling him that his room was very messy and we needed to make it nice and clean. He enjoyed finding messy areas and helping to clean them up. After his room was clean we walked through our bedroom to the bathroom to brush his teeth. As we were walking though our bedroom, Mekiah said, " Mommy and Daddy's room is messy too". "Yes, it is. We will have to clean it up later", I said. After brushing his teeth, Mekiah ran to give Daddy a kiss goodnight. He ran up to Jim and pointed his finger at him and said very sternly, "Daddy, Your woom is weally messy!" Both Jim and I laughed so hard! I have since picked up all the clothes on our bedroom floor. We do not want to get in trouble again.

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