Out Trip to the Coast

We went to Lincoln City for the weekend. Mekiah was very excited about going to the Beach and getting rocks and shells and seeing the whales in the ocean.

100_0661 (Small).jpg 100_0655 (Small).jpg

When we got to the beach, Mekiah took two steps on the sand and got out his shovel and started digging. 100_0662 (Small).jpg 100_0669 (Small).jpg 100_0683 (Small).jpg 100_0681 (Small).jpg

Mekiah and Daddy built a nice sand castle. Mekiah had fun knocking it down. 100_0690 (Small).jpg 100_0696 (Small).jpg

We went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Mekiah was a bit overwhelmed but settled down after a while. His favorite things were the jellie fish and the turtles. 100_0709 (Small).jpg 100_0720 (Small).jpg 100_0721 (Small).jpg 100_0726 (Small).jpg

Getting close and personal with a turtle. 100_0723 (Small).jpg

100_0728 (Small).jpg

A cute family photo. 100_0654 (Small).jpg

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