Helping with the Home Business.

Here are some photos that we took of Mekiah 'helping' us with our home business. Here he is 'helping' by watching a movie and staying out of trouble. Although I did need my postal box.

DCP_4698 9-10-04.JPG

Here he is 'helping' to unpack the boxes that we recieved.

DCP_4701 9-10-04.JPG

Here he is 'helping' by climbing up on the desk. (all by himself, I might add)

DCP_4705 9-10-04.JPG

And last but not least, here he is 'helping' by putting the labels on the books we sell. I said "books" Mekiah, not "bellies".

DCP_4694 9-10-04.JPG

What a boy!!

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