Our Little Talker

Mekiah has been talking a lot lately. He says a new word every day it seems. One of the cutest things that he has been saying lately is, " Where Mama?". He says this when he cannot find me in our apartment. He will walk around saying,"Where Mama?' and then calling, "Mama". I will answer with, "Mama's in the kitchen" (or where ever I may be) and Mekiah will answer with "What?". "Mama's in the kitchen." "What?" and so on....... It is very cute! Along with that, Mekiah can also say juice (duce), thank you, water (wa-dee), up, Yum yum (Num num), Truck, Baby (Be-be). He signs airplane whenever he hears one and then he waves bye-bye to it when he sees it. He also signs the word 'more'.

Jim's mother recently moved in with us and Mekiah has come to call her Ee-ee. He has said "Gamma" but usually calls her Ee-ee.

Mekiah is a great runner and a great climber and is always on the go. He is all boy and recently has been getting into playing with trucks. He does like his little baby doll though and he gives it kisses and gets it's face very slobbery. Mekiah love to watch Sesame Street in the mornings and knows when it should be coming on.

I just love being a mommy! Mekiah is such a joy and he make me smile all the time.

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