Oregon Coast

We spent a week on the Oregon coast for a family vacation. We stayed in Seaside, then Newport and then Bandon.

Feeding the seals at the Seaside Aquarium.IMG_0826 (Small).JPG

Playing in the sand. IMG_0860 (Small).JPG

A sand castle built by Mekiah with help from his daddy. IMG_0865 (Small).JPG

Putting together the new kite. IMG_0871 (Small).JPGIMG_0876 (Small).JPG

Mekiah in the bath with the sunset out the window. IMG_0897 (Small).JPG

A camp fire on the beach. IMG_0921 (Small).JPG

Getting ready to go on the paddle boat. IMG_0929 (Small).JPG

The paddle boater. IMG_0932 (Small).JPG

Checking out the tide pool at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Mekiah had lots of questions and is not shy about asking. IMG_0944 (Small).JPG

Mekiah liked the little crabs. IMG_0998 (Small).JPG

Mekiah looking at the sea lions on a dock in old town Newport. IMG_1018 (Small).JPG

In front of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. IMG_1020 (Small).JPG

Mekiah with a peacock at the wildlife park in Bandon. IMG_1025 (Small).JPG

Petting a baby black bear. IMG_1032 (Small).JPG

Thses lions were so cute sleeping together. IMG_1088 (Small).JPG

IMG_1049 (Small).JPG

IMG_1105 (Small).JPG

Mekiah's first written word all on his own. You can even see his little footprints in the sand. IMG_1113 (Small).JPG

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