Happy 1st Birthday Mekiah!

Here is the birthday boy enjoy some cake. Mekiah had a great birthday party and lots of friends and family came. He had a Winnie the Pooh party with a bean bag toss and pin-the-tail on Eeyore game. We all had a fun time. Thank you to everyone who came and made Mekiah's first birthday very special.

DCP_3984 3-4-04.JPG

Here is Mekiah playing the bean bag toss game. (He is not real good at tossing yet)

DCP_3948 3-4-04.JPG

This is Mekiah's cousin, Nick, playing pin-the-tail on Eeyore.

DCP_3902 3-4-04.JPG

Mekiah's birthday cakes.

DCP_3860 3-4-04.JPG

Mommy helping Mekiah to open his presents. This one is a Baby Tad from Grandpa George and Grandma Carol.

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We had a bubble machine going at the party. It was a big hit with the kids and it really filled the whole room with bubbles. FUN!

DCP_3998 3-4-04.JPG

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